About us

“AQUASUN” – an inspired name representing the harmony of Vietnam’s nature given to Phu Quoc, the Pearl Island. It is listed as one of the most prevalent travel destinations where you’ll be able to witness the majesticness of sunset sight and picturesque scenery by the beach.

Located at the heart

of the pearl island

With Neoclassical style

Are you looking for a destination for travelling with your beloved family or best mates? Aquasun Hotel Phu Quoc is an ideal place to spend your precious holiday. We will ensure your quality time and a memorable trip.

Magnificent scenery

Dive into nature’s beauty with the gorgeous sunset and enormous view of majestic sea & mountains.

Quality facilities

Possess the charm of neoclassicalism mixed with the elegance of contemporary style.

Bring to you fascinating meaningful experiences

Total premises

area (m2)

Distance to

the shore (m)

0 °
View range

from rooftop

Top features that

represent the name Aquasun

Convenient location

Immersing in the gifted natural beauty of Dai Beach Phu Quoc while enjoying the beauty of Phu Quoc sunset and gorgeous white sand beach with crystal clear water.

“Wow” service

At Aquasun, customers are welcome to experience the diverse provision of services and the lusciousness of our selected regional cuisine. There is also a variety of surrounding local services within reasonable walking distance. Moreover, we have some exciting secrets to reveal once customers are here.

A deep sleep

After a long tiring day of visiting and activities, your deep rest is vital, and we provide just that. Our rooms are well equipped with high-class mattresses and duvets, supported by magnificent sea & mountain views and a relaxing ambience to create a harmonious space for your sleep.

Mouthwatering dishes

Start your new day full of energy with our healthy breakfast, or indulge in a fancy dinner at Aqua-restaurant. Our rooftop bar offers a myriad of delightful snacks with breathtaking views of the natural beauty surrounding the hotel. Join us at Aquasun Hotel Phu Quoc to adventure one of a kind of fusion cuisine from our talented chefs and bartenders.

Ideal event venue

We offer a fully equipped private space suitable to celebrate all kinds of special occasions, for instance, product launch events, company meetings, and marvellous parties.