108 rooms with 6 different classes located across the upper floors, with enormous view of the sea, mountain and city

Aqua Suite 2 bedroom with Sea view

This luxury family class is a 2-connecting-bedroom suite with a stunning view of the horizon, ensuring your fresh morning full of energy.

Helios Suite With Sea View

The couple room is named after the god of the sun, representing the warm and welcoming view of Helios Suite.

Hera Family

In ancient Greek mythology, the name Hera represents bond, family and marriage, which brings warm, homelike comfort to your group.

Aura Delight Plus with Sea View

Apart from inheriting the greatness of Aura Delight, this class of accommodation also has an upgrade of room space and placement.

Aura Delight

Lies across most of our hotel floors with a stunning panoramic view of the residential area with forest and a part of the shore. The room class comes with plush furniture and two bed-size options.

Gaia Delight

With an enormous window facing the tranquil garden and modern facilities such as a handy working corner, spacious washroom, and a king sized with a single bed.